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Ahahah, I apologize for vanishing from LJ for the last few months. >_< Well... I was in the middle of my final assignment and I was reducing the amount of the sites to check... But now my final assignment is over~ I will update more in here. :) I feel so out of touch, especially with some of you in my f-list that I don't interact outside of LJ! :'D

Not so much, though. xD I'll probably spend most of it working on my final assignment, but let's not talk about that.

Ahhh to be honest I've been sort of avoiding the internet lately because every SH fan who has heard of it is talking about it al the time, and I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive DX I think I will be holding it in my hand this Saturday. *EXCITE* That artbook-like booklet looks super worth the moneeeeyyyy ;A;
I have only heard the first song. Oh man. Oh man oh man. My mind, it is blown. Heika is as possessed as always.

I must be careful, once the album arrives I won't be able to think of anything other than the album for a week... 8D; Can't lose more than a week for my final assignment! XDD Holy crab. Why does this album has to release during my final assignment :'DD;

Hellofest 7
Last Saturday, Hellofest 7, one of the biggest event in Indonesia was held! X33 It's a short movie competition + cosplay competition. Last year I went cosplaying with my sister as Harmonia sisters of Sound Horizon, but this time I was determinded to come and enjoy the event as a visitor! I didn't even bring my camera (a little regrettable, but it's okay) because I really just want to wander around and watch the performances and short movies. And boy, I had so much fun! <3 after weeks of cooped up in my house, it was really great to see my friends again ;w; cosplay friends, and college best friends I no longer see regularly... ...*insert I-miss-them-so-much-and-wah-I'm-so-lonely comments here*

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And that was it, I guess. :DD Last year as a cosplayer, this year as a visitor... I wish next Hellofest I'll come again as a movie contestant! XD

A little patriotism from me
Just listened to a rerun Obama's speech in the University of Indonesia. XD

Is it just me, or does he understands Indonesia more than some people here? XDD Seriously, a lot of Indonesians today seem to think so highly about overseas and think so lowly about their own country. XD (this is not excluding myself, since sometimes I'm still disappointed with some aspects, but I still love living here above anywhere else. ...yeah, the capital's a mess; but I think the other areas are still very nice. I miss Surabaya!) Actually, if only pople would really think about our motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (One in Diversity) this place would be much brighter than tomorrow a much better place! xDD

He sure has a way to make me believe in my country *laugh* It's somewhat absurd that he's the one making a speech in our Hero Day (Hari Pahlawan?), but I think it's worth it. Some people may think that him coming is just a burden, considering the disasters that recently happened... but I personally think we could use some spirit-lifting speeches like what he gave. Well, at least I could. xD

Just my 2 cents. :) Damn, those college students are so lucky to see him directly! >A

It's getting hot in here~
In multiple ways!

1. When it isn't raining, the sun is like scorching hot... my friend said walking out for a little bit made her clothes smelled like it got too much ironing. I myself have been avoiding direct sunlight.

2. Oh Mount Merapi... It had just erupted again. *A* Three times stronger than the previous eruption a few days ago, they said. Holy--this reporter doing a live report needs to get out of there. "Right now we must escape to a safer place..." and why aren't you running! Go! Now! DDDD: Phew, they finally left... OTL; [EDIT: When a replay of the report was shown, there is also the part when the cameraman keeps recording as their car rushing to safety. Suddenly a voice said "Hey hey, take a picture of me! *laugh*" ...=)) Aib! Siapa tuh yg ngomong? wkwkwkwkwkw Dasar orang Indonesia, lagi darurat pun santai!]

3. Not just Merapi, last time I checked there are 22 volcanoes in Indonesia which status rose to Advisory. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volcano_warning_schemes_of_the_United_States Merapi itself is still in Warning status.

Uh... it's very fiery here, indeed. DD:

Is really fired up right now
Just got back from the workshop!

And I feel like...
Dust in the wind... =w= All I am is dust in the wind~
I feel like nothiiiing~ compared to those professionals~~ lalalala

Not really, though! In the end, I feel really glad, I think I learned a lot! It feels really good to have my works commented by a real editor, though! He could see my weakness rightaway! &heart; I still have much to learn... but I will learn!

And yeah, he's really passionate about comics! I need to be that passionate, too... because I really want to make comics, I really am! ;3; I think I know my problem! I spend too much time online, and I'm horrible at time-management. I WILL FIX THIS! Not that I'll go completely online, but I'll stop gawking at internet all day like I have nothing better to do 8DD

Okay~~ So many things has happened~ 8'D
Like... ever since the beginning of this month, I don't have an apartment anymore! Staying in my house full time right now. Actually... I was kicked out, but I was planning on leaving the apartment anyway, so yeah. 8DD The owner's really something :/

Also! I've been -trying- to be more serious in comic making. I wrote about it before, but it's in Indonesian XD; I applied for a comic compilation, but I wasn't chosen. That's okay, the road is still far! This Saturday I'm joining a comic workshop, and they say the best idea might be getting a chance to be published! Wish me luck, friends! :'D

Hmm... I think that's all I can think about as of right now. And yeah, the freaking FINAL ASSIGNMENT is finally here! Woo hoo!

(no subject)
Sorry Indonesian only--I can't really explain it in English!

Huwaaa akhirnya jadi nyerahin naskah! TTwTT Setelah penuh perjuangan...
Jadi jadi kan wa habis nyerahin naskah. Naskah yg wa coba ajuin itu buat kompilasi komik, btw. Sebenernya pengumumannya udah sekitar 1bulanan yang lalu?? Tapi wa sibuk(??keasikan?) bantuin dan nyemangatin temen2 yang ikut Tugas Akhir, jadinya gw ngerjainnya lalalala senang2 gitu deh. Baru bener2 diseriusin sekitar seminggu yang lalu.

cut for more ramblings 8DDCollapse )

I watched Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva a few days back! YAYYYY I don't know of anyway to ~fangirl~ over the movie without spoiling those who haven't watched it *and is too lazy to type much anyway* so I won't say much about the movie. Just that... it's such an ADORABLE movie. And touching. ;w; Aaahhh Luke, so cuuuute >3<~~~~

Oh oh btw btw, I heard that it's released in Japan AND SINGAPORE</b>?! Why didn't I know about this?! If I knew... I could probably persuade my father to go to Singapore, just to watch it... *kicked* SINGAPOREANS I HATE YOU ;A; *Kidding! Really, I love you Singaporean F-list xDD*

Needless to say, I'm all over the series again ;w;~~~ Oh my god Unwound Future (or whatever the translated title of the third game, I have this habit of avoiding my fandom before a new release because I can't stand the waiting) can't come any sooner! ;A;~~ And I still haven't unlocked some stuff in Diabolical Box... *A* Gimme picarats!!

...Actually I should be slaving myself to drawing right now. XDD Oh well, back to work~

This Monday, my friends will be done.

Therefore, it will be my turn. Soon.

*is obviously still high from Supernatural

the bright side: I will finally be able to graduate :'DDDD


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